Events & Workshops

Some of the major events and workshops conducted and mentored by our speakers

Creativity, Fashion and Origami

Nov 2016

AI Adoption Scopes for Entrepreneurs

July 2016

Creative Way of Folding Papers

Jun 2016

History of Creativity with Papers in India

Aug 2015

Origami and Creative Way of Learning Maths

July 2015

Creativity for Engineers

Feb 2015

Creativity Summer Workshop

May 2013

Japanese Cultural Workshop

May 2010

About us

Our events focus on awareness about human creativity and AI potentials. We organize workshops, seminars, courses for various groups and communities, to that effect. Our audiences range from kids, students, artists to AI professionals, entrepreneurs and industrialists.

We are entering a new era where artificial Intelligence going to be an integral part of our everyday lives. A large segment of economic activities - which requires human skills and expertize today - are more and more being replaced by machines and systems embedded with artificial intelligence. This is the start of the era of cognitive augmentation, where artificial intelligence system will more and more reinforce our understanding and awareness about the world around us and our own potentials!

This is a time where we need to focus and aware about our true potential and power, which can never be replaced by AI. That is Human Creativity, the core of all developments through the history. Over the last couple of centuries we have been focusing to train ourselves more of mechanical skills to support the industrialization of the society. Those are the very areas now being taken over by AI based machines and systems. To prepare us and our next generations to succeed and flourish in the new AI age, we need to cultivate our creative faculties through a different training procedure and education system.

We invite professionals from various fields of research and industries, who are contributing to build this new and exciting new era of humankind, and architecting the transition to AI based society. As being part of the transitions - we are motivated to spread the understanding of the potentials and pitfalls of the current trends.


We organize events and workshops - independently and in collaboration with other organizations. Based on the event’s topic and audience we customize the event details and invite the most effective speaker for the events.

Ranajit Chatterjee

Researcher, Kyoto Univ. & CEO, Kriyetic Japan

Expert in the fields of Robotics, AI Adoption, AI based Social Intelligence and mentoring.

Manojit Chattopadhyay

Director Kriyetic (India) & Kolkata Origami Center

Expert in theory and application of AI & Understanding and enhancement of human creativity.


Let's explore the realms of Creativity and intelligence together!

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Links & Articles

Here you will find periodic updates on talks and information about Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

Do schools kill creativity?

by Sir Ken Robinson

How to build your creative confidence

by David Kelley

How to manage for collective creativity

by Harvard professor Linda Hill

Can we build AI without losing control over it?

by neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

by philosopher and technologist Nick Bostrom

How we'll earn money in a future without jobs

by Martin Ford

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